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Immigrating to a new country can be exciting but at the same time, it can be tedious, frustrating and full of suprises.

Canada is a place of choice for many people around the world when it comes to immigration. Canada is a country located in North America and shares a border with the United States of America (USA). Canada is a federation of provinces and territories. When it comes to immigration, you can settle into any one of the provinces or territories; however, the province of Quebec has its own immigration policies for those who want to settle in Quebec.
The government of Canada classifies immigrants into different categories of immigration. Every applicant has to be classified under a specific category of immigration or class of immigration.
To immigrate to Canada, you can also apply under the category of Skilled workers. Skilled workers are selected as permanent residents based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other criteria that have been shown to help them become economically established in Canada.

Canada Visa

The Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people who want to immigrate to Canada. They will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

Another way of immigrating to Canada is to immigrate as temporary worker. In most cases, you have to apply for a work permit from outside Canada. Your employer also has a role in the application process of immigrating to Canada.
The government of Canada welcomes students,visitors, temporary workers, refugees. You can also sponsor a member of your family, adopt a child and hire a foreign worker.

Banks and financial institutions in Canada It is important to open an account with a bank as soon as possible after you arrive in Canada. Banks and other financial institutions such as trust companies, caisses populaires (in Quebec and Ontario) and credit unions provide:

You have to choose your bank with care and consider certain things when choosing a bank or other financial institution. Ask these questions before you make your decision, such as your hours of operation and the location of your branches.

This web site is designed to give you practical information to make your life easier when you decide to start the adventure of immigrating to Canada.

Immigration consultants, lawyers, and other representatives give immigration advice and help to visa applicants, usually for a fee. You do not need to hire an immigration consultant. It is up to you. Your application will not be given special attention or guaranteed approval if you use a consultant.

The first thing you need to do is to look for the appropriate information on how to immigrate to Canada. You can surf the net or go directly to the closest canadian embassy to obtain the information that is suitable for your specific situtation. Once you have gathered all the information, read through carefully in order to understand the requirements. The information or proof you will need to provide depends on the category of immigration you are applying for.

As said above, the skilled worker category selection is a point-based process. You have to earn a certain number of points or credits based on your level of education, your work experience, your age, your ability to speak one of the Canada official languages, etc. Your skill has to be on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list in order to be considered to immigrate to Canada.

In addition, this web site will give you a lot of usefull information for your settlment, jobs, schools, etc... for free.

Important: We do not provide any service like in the case of Canada immigration lawyers or immigration consultant.

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